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Boot Basket

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Boot Basket

This is an accessory to be used in milling or drilling operations. It is designed to prevent cuttings that are too heavy to be circulated from settling to the bottom of the hole. End connection are furnished as per customer

Construction : Boot baskets are manufactured from high-strength heat treated alloy steel to withstand wear. Heavy-duty ribs are attached to the cup to prevent it from being crushed and to guide the tool through tight places while tripping out of the hole. These ribs are not welded to the main body of the tool, further enhancing its strength.

Assembly and Operation : Boot baskets are used directly above the mill or drill bit. On severe milling jobs, it is customary to run two or three baskets in tandem above the mill. This tandem running not only increases the capacity to remove the cuttings, but also provides extra stabilization for the mill. Boot baskets can be run in either open hole or inside casing. When the basket is working inside a casing, hard faced pads, dressed to the same O.D. as the mill or bit, should be used.

Optional Components and Accessories : The standard boot basket is a welded assembly with a 10 inch deep cup. Long and extra long baskets are available; these provide a 20 or 30 inch deep cup.


Model Wc-bb
Product No. Wc-20705
Condition New
Warranty 1 Year
Usage Construction, Industrial
Material Metal