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Bow Spring Centralizers

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Bow Spring Centralizers

WELLCARE non welded bow centralizers are high in quality, developed to comply API 10D specifications for use in the most demanding  conditions. The non weld bow centralizers combine the highest restoring force with the lowest starting force. Premium quality bows which are made of special alloy steel with uniform hardness provide optimum performance. The bows with extended profile prevent their hitting against casing collars. The bows are available in a range to accommodate any well profile. Quality steel and non weld design ensure extra strong grip while integral hinges folded on the inside are connected by high strength locking pin for maximum structural robustness. WELLCARE non weld bow centralizers are used to position the casing in the centre of the wellbore in vertically, deviated as well as horizontal wells. High restoring force combined with low starting force is achieved with all bow heights. Their installation on the casing pipe is very convenient. It requires only the placement of the two assembled halves on the pipe and inserting the pin in the end collar hinge. The centralizer when unassembled makes a compact package, reducing the shipping cost. Assembly at site is conveniently done.

Welded bow-spring centralizers are available in two styles :

  • Slip-on and hinged. Slip-on centralizers are manufactured with solid end rings, requiring the centralizer to be slipped on the casing OD during installation. Hinged centralizers are manufactured in segments allowing the centralizer to be installed easily around the casing OD. Hinge pins hold the segments together during installation. All welded bow-spring centralizers are manufactured to API 10D Specification.
  • The welded construction provides for superior strength with destructive tensional force up to 3-4 times higher than nonweld centralizer products.
  • Designed to be installed over stop collars or casing couplings, this type is available in a wide range for casing and hole sizes.


Size 4 1/2 '' - 20 ''
Color Green
Material Carbon Steel
Use Downhole
Processing Type Casting
Structure Collar and bow
Blade Qty 4-12
Product No. WC-40301

  • Hinged Non Welded Bow Spring Centralizers

  • Hinged Welded Bow Spring Centralizers

    Model : WC-HWBSC

    Product No. : WC-40302

  • Slip On Welded Bow Spring Centralizers

    Model : WC-SWBSC

    Product No. : WC-40303