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Casing Scraper

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Casing Scraper

The Wellcare Casing Scraper is designed to remove scale, mud cake, cement sheath, embedded bullets, and other foreign material from the inside of the casing wall. Maintaining a clean casing ID is vital for the efficient operation of down-hole tools used in the well. The resulting smooth surface makes the casing for subsequent down-hole operations such as packer’s installation and squeeze tools operations.

Construction : Manufactured from alloy steel and heat treated to provide strength and durability, each scraper must pass rigid nondestructive testing to ensure the highest quality product. Each tool has six blades specially aligned on the body to provide the maximum cutting surface area for vertical and rotational scraping. The blades are designed to give optimum shearing action with the least amount of restriction to returning well fluid. The splined body provides absolute safety and security by locking each blade onto an integral part of the scraper. This unique body design also allows for ease of maintenance and dressing of the tool. All casing scrapers can be easily set for positive or spring loaded scraping action. Even when set positive to drift, the spring loaded design will effectively scrape multi-weighted casing within the well. All blades are cast steel and heat treated to provide long lasting service life.

Assembly : Assembly of the casing scraper is quick and simple and can easily be done in the field. Secure the tool body. Insert springs into the blade body drive. Set blade over body splines at center of tool, compress blade and slide into splines. Install remaining blades in the same manner. Offset the upper blade set from the lower set by one spline. Secure blades to body with split collar ring.


Warranty 1 year
Condition New
Model Wc-cs
Product No. Wc-20701
Usage Industrial
Material Metal, Steel