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Casted Spiralizer and Centralizers

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Casted Spiralizer and Centralizers

Technical Details :

  • WellCare manufactures straight and spiral blade solid centralizers. The solid centralizers are made of one piece high grade corrosion resistant aluminum cast and non sparking metal-zinc alloy. They are high impact and shock resistant, possess high tensile and yield strengths and are wellhead friendly.
  • Well Care straight blade solid centralizers provide maximum casing or wellbore standoff, the prime requisite of an excellent primary cement job. This is irrespective of lateral loads.
  • The straight blades are self cleaning in nature and designed to enhance flow. Straight blade solid centralizers can endure steep temperatures in the  wellbore. Friction factor is minimum, with reduced drag and torque, ensuring maximum fluid passage.
  • WellCare spiral blade solid centralizers provide the almost wall contact and fluid swirl. They give optimum flow area in highly deviated and horizontal wells. The casing effectively reaches TD due to the sloping rare ends reducing drag.
  • The slope also ensures that no balling between the vanes takes place, as scraping, gouging or digging into the formation is eliminated.
    WellCare Spiral Blade Solid Centralizers are developed in response to the need for better cementing in highly deviated and horizontal wells.
  • WellCare Spiral Blade Solid Centralizers are designed to provide optimum flow area. The 360 degrees over lapping solid vane provide maximum wall contact and fluid swirl. Reduced flow area between the spiral blades produces a vortex motion of the fluids for more fluid velocity with direction.
  • WellCare Spiral blade Solid centralizer is made of high strength corrosion resistant cast aluminum and also non-sparking zinc alloy. The 30 deg. slope of the vane end reduce drag and aids the casing in reaching TD.
  • This gentle flow from the body to the height of the vane will eliminate scraping, gouging or digging into the formation and consequently reduce balling between the vanes.
  • WellCare Spiral Blade Solid Centralizer has high impact and shock resistance combined with tensile and yield strength as well as resists corrosion.


Product No. WC-40104, WC-40102 & WC-40106
Condition New
Material Steel/alluminum/zinc
Warranty 1 Year
Usage Industrial

  • Casted Alumunium Centralizer

  • Casted Alumunium Spiralizer-L

  • Casted Alumunium Spiralizer-R

  • Casted Steel Centralizer

  • Casted Steel Spiralizer-L

  • Casted Steel Spiralizer-R

  • Casted Zinc Centralizer

  • Casted Zinc Spiralizer-L

  • Casted Zinc Spiralizer-R