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Core Type Junk Basket

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Core Type Junk Basket

The Wellcare Core-Type Junk Basket is a junk retrieval tool designed to retrieve all types of objects from the bottom of the well bore. This easy-to-use tool removes such items as slips, hand tools, and bit cones. The basic assembly consists of a top sub, barrel, type A mill shoe, upper and lower catchers.

Assembly and Operation : Make up the core basket to the bottom of the string and run it in the hole to a point several feet from the bottom. With direct circulation, the coring action on the junk proceeds until a 24 inch core is cut. The fingers in the upper catcher break the core when an upward strain is applied to the string. The lower catcher fingers then form a close-fitting basket that traps the core with its retrieved junk. As in the other junk basket designs, they are free to revolve within the shoe, thus eliminating finger breakage.


Optional Components and Accessories : Three types of milling shoes are available for all core-type basket systems : Type A shoe with side wings, Type B shoe with hard-faced Wellcare lay sintered tungsten carbide, and Type C shoe with flat bottom and Wellcare lay on the inner and outer faces.

Magnet Inserts : A magnet insert can be used in place of the catcher assemblies, thus converting the tool to a fishing magnet.

Finger Shoe : A finger shoe is used to retrieve junk that may be too large to enter the catchers.


Model Wc-cjb
Product No. Wc-20703
Warranty 1 year
Condition New
Material Metal
Usage Industrial

  • Catcher Core Type Junk Basket

    Catcher Core Type Junk Basket

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  • WC-CJB Core Type Junk Basket