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Heavy Duty Weld Spiralizer and Centralizers

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Heavy Duty Weld Spiralizer and Centralizers

WELLCARE Heavy Duty Welded Centralizers are high quality welded product which meets the specification. These centralizers have boat type bows which are strongly welded to the end collars/pipe under the required temperature conditions with correct grade electrode. These centralizers are made in variety of style, but they generally have straight or curved vanes. They can be secured to the casing OD, or they can float between casing stop collars if the well casing is to be rotated during cementing. Reduce friction between the casing and the hole, allowing the casing to be inserted more easily into the wellbore.

  • Help centralize casing in the hole, allowing an even distribution of cement around the casing during cementing operations.
  • Improve cement bonding to the casing.
  • Prevent the casing string from becoming differentially stuck.
  • Break up gel pockets in the wellbore while casing is being run, improving drilling-fluid displacement during cementing.
  • Increase fluid turbulence, removing filter cake on the wellbore face.

The straight-vane rigid centralizer is used during operations in which casing centralization is a primary objective. The centralizer can be attached to the casing with set screws located between each vane, preventing casing rotation or reciprocation during cementing operations. If the casing will be rotated or reciprocated during cementing operations, the centralizer can float on the casing joint between the stop rings. A flexible ceramic coating can be applied to the entire turbulator to reduce friction. Th e rigid centralizer is normally 10" long, but it can be  manufactured to any length as per the customer requirement. The vane  ODs are typically ¼" less than the bit size used to drill the well.



Product No. WC-40703
Model WC-HVC
Centralizers are Available in 2-7/8 ” to 20”
Rigid Centralizer Size 10
Condition New
Usage Industrial

  • Heavy Duty Weld Centralizer

  • Heavy Duty Weld Spiralizer-L

    Model : WC-HVS-L

    Product No. : WC-40701

  • Heavy Duty Weld Spiralizer-R

    Model : WC-HVS-R

    Product No. : WC-40702