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Impression Block

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Impression Block

The Wellcare Impression Block is an accessory tool used to accurately determine the dimensions and configuration of the upper end of a fishing item as well as to check its condition and position in the well bore. The soft lead lower end of the impression block captures an impression of the fish upon making contact. Impression blocks are manufactured with a connection (pin  up) and a layer of soft lead on the lower end of the tool. Circulation holes will be provided on request. End connection is furnished as per customer requirement.

Assembly and Operation : Make up the impression block to the bottom of the fishing string. Run into hole until impression block is near top of fish. Slowly lower pipe until making contact with fish. Do not rotate. Apply weight to impression block and then pull out of hole. The impression made will assist the operator in determining what tools are needed to prepare and retrieve the fish.


Model Wc-ib
Product No. Wc-20704
Condition New
Usage Industrial
Material Metal
Warranty 1 Year