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Liner Top Packer Compression Set

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Liner Top Packer Compression Set

This Liner Top Packer is a high performance packer that suited for most applications set by applying set-down weight by the setting dogs of the packer setting tool through the setting collar or Tie Back receptacle. The packer provides an effective annular seal between the top of the liner and the casing, preventing formation breakdown, loss of cement slurry and gas migration above the liner top during cement curing. This packer features hold down slips, making it suitable for use in deviated or horizontal wells. The packer have integral setting collar to rotate the Liner Hanger duringrunning in and cementing.
The packer is furnished with higher group of API 5CT standard materials as well as with the end connections in compliance to API standards or any premium threads as per the customer’s requirement/demand. Materials suited for H2S or CO2 service are available on request.

Features / Benefits :

  • High performance compression set liner top packer
  • Provides effective annular seal at the liner top
  • Prevents formation breakdown, loss of cement slurry and gas migration
  • Integral body lock ring holds a positive set in the seal elements
  • Tieback receptacles are honed for tie- back seals
  • Hold down slips prevent light liners from moving

Applications :

  • Isolate the liner top after the hanger is set and cementing operations are completed
  • Isolate of formation pressure below the liner-top from the casing ID above
  • Isolate of treating pressures below the liner-top during fracture or acid work
  • Isolation of formation fluids while the cement sets, helping to stop gas migration
  • Isolation of lost-circulation zones
  • The only isolation above the production zone in uncemented liners
  • The liner-top packer can also be used as a tie-back completion or production packer.


Material Metal
Warranty 1 Year
Machine Type Hydraulic
Condition New
Use Industrial
Dimensions 45 x 10 x 130mm
Weight 2 Sets of Hanger and Weights are provided
Thickness 9.50 mm
Model Wc-ltp [without Slip], Wc-ltp-s1 [single Slip] & Wc-ltp–s2 [double Slip]
Product No. Wc-10201, Wc-10202 & Wc-10203

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