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Lock Mandrels

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Lock Mandrels

Landing nipples are run into the well on the completion tubing to provide a specific landing location for subsurface flow control equipment. The common internal profiles of these Landing Nipples make them universal. WC-LNP-X Landing Nipple is used in standard weight tubing while WCLNP- R Landing Nipple is typically used with heavy weight tubing.


Technical details :

  • The completion can have as many selective nipples with IDs in desired sequence on the tubing string. This requires number of positions of Landing Nipples for setting and locking subsurface flow controls. The flow controls required to be placed inside the well is attached to the required lock mandrel and run into the well via the selective running tool on slick line/wireline.
  • The slick-line operator using the selective running tool can set the flow control in the selective landing nipple at the desired depth. Once location is found to be unsatisfactory or well conditions gets changed, the flow control equipment could be moved up or down the tubing string to another landing nipple location. These operations can be done by wireline/slick-line under pressure without killing the well.
  • Bottom No-Go equipments are designed for use in single nipple installations or as the bottom nipple in a series of selective or Top No- Go landing nipples. These landing nipples have the same packing bore ID for a particular tubing size and weight. Here N designates Bottom No-Go.

Features / Benefits :

  • Large Bore for minimum restriction
  • Universal nipple with one internal profile
  • Retractable locking Keys
  • Locks designed to hold pressure from above or below from sudden reversals
  • Optional hold down
  • Interference hold-down for smaller locks
  • Shear pin hold-down for larger locks


Type Dental Handpiece, Dental handpiece
Shape Push Button & Key Lock
Bur size 1.6 inch
Contral angle Reduction
Appearance Contra Angle
Means for Sterilizing Prevacuumizing, autocalve at 135°C
Processing Type Forging
Model Wc-lm-x & Wc-lm-xn
Product No. Wc-41412 & Wc-41414

  • WC-LM-R Lock Mandrels

  • WC-LM-X Lock Mandrels