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Positive Bow Centralizers

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Positive Bow Centralizers

As per design appearance, Positive bow centralizer is designed with positive steel channel bow which provides positive casing stand off. Positive centralizers are of three types hinged non weld , hinge welded, slip on welded. WELLCARE non weld positive centralizers are uniquely designed with flat bottom U profile with different depths permitting maximum fluid passage. The flat U profile is fitted in self locking retaining lips for firm and positive hold. These centralizers significantly reduce frictional drag while being used in deviated holes. They provide almost 100% standoff when run inside a cased hole. They are supplied 4-8mm less than the inside diameter of the casing or hole size in which the centralizer is to be run. The non weld design eliminates brittle spots, enhancing durability. WELLCARE positive centralizers are available in a size range of 4 ½ ” to 20”.


Product No. WC-40201
Size 4 1/2 ” to 20”
Condition New
Usage Industrial
Warranty 1 Year

  • Hinged Non Weld Positive Bow Centralizer

  • Hinged Weld Positive Bow Centralizer

    Model : WC-HWPBC

    Product No. : WC-40202

  • Slip on Weld Positive Bow Centralizer

    Model : WC-SWPBC

    Product No. : WC-40203