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Reverse Circulation Junk Basket

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Reverse Circulation Junk Basket

The Wellcare Reverse Circulating Junk Basket (WCRCB) is a junk retrieval tool designed to remove all types of objects from the bottom of the well bore. This superior tool removes such items as slips, hand tools, bit cones, and any other small pieces of junk from the well. The WCRCB uses reverse circulation to aid junk recovery.

Construction : The tool consists of a top sub, barrel assembly, catcher, and shoe. The barrel assembly consists of an inner and outer barrel, valve seat, cup, and ball. A lift
sub is also provided t o assist in handling.

Assembly and Operation : Make up the junk basket to the bottom of the string and run into the hole. When the tool is approximately 10 feet from the bottom of the hole, the ball is dropped down the drill pipe. The ball will position itself in the ball seat and reverse circulation will begin. Circulate and begin coring. Combined with the reverse circulation, this guarantees that any junk on the bottom is pumped into the barrel and caught by the catcher assembly. The tool is removed from the hole after cutting 10 to 20 inches of core.

Optional Components and Accessories : Shoes Four types of shoes are available to fit the Reverse Circulating Junk Basket. Type A mill shoe is supplied as standard equipment with the cutting teeth dressed with hard metal and has side wings. The type A mill shoe is used where the formation is relatively soft and the fish is a loose piece. Type B mill shoe is equal in design to the type A shoe, however, it is hard faced with Wellcare lay a sintered tungsten carbide in an extremely tough matrix which will effectively and rapidly mill up junk during the fishing operation. This shoe will cut on OD, ID and bottom. Type C mill shoe is also hard faced with Wellcare lay, however, is designed with a flat bottom, and the Wellcare lay is placed on the inner face and the
outer face. This design is used to mill up junk and is extremely effective for cutting cores. Type B or type C Wellcare lay dressed milling shoes are used if the formation is hard or if the fish is embedded in the formation. Use of these two designs also cuts away protruding excess metal to allow free entry of the
junk into the basket.

Finger Shoe : For retrieving loose junk on the bottom of the hole which may exceed the maximum catch of the WCRCB can be retrieved by use of a finger shoe assembly. The assembly consists of a shoe extension and the finger replacement. The entire assembly is used in place of a mill shoe. The fingers are designed to close in beneath the fish when slowly lowered during rotation. Finger replacements can be replaced easily and are very inexpensive.

Magnet Inserts : The WC RCB can be easily converted to a fishing magnet by removing the catcher assembly and replacing it with a magnet insert. The insert still allows direct or reverse circulation and can be used with A, B or C type shoes, or special shoes designed to customer specifications. The magnet insert is the same design as the Wellcare Fishing Magnet and by adding a top sub to the magnet insert; it can be used independently as a fishing magnet.


Machine Type Drilling Tool
Material Stainless Steel
Warranty 1 Year
Condition New
Usage Industrial
Model No. WC-RCB

  • Type 'A' Mill Shoe Reverse Circulation Junk Basket

  • Type 'B' Mill Shoe Reverse Circulation Junk Basket

  • WC-RCB Reverse Circulation Junk Basket