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Snap Latch Setting Tool

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Snap Latch Setting Tool

The Snap Latch Setting Tool is a mechanical setting tool used to set the Bridge Plugs and Cement Retainers. It possess a built-in snap-latch feature which allows the setting tool to be latched to the product with set-down weight and released with up strain and rotation after setting the product. This essentially allows the setting tool to function as a snap latch stinger sub which provides an upward stop as the tubing is raised. At this stop the valve is closed but the stinger sub seal is still in the bore of the retainer. At this position in the running string internal pressure test could be carried out.


Type Crimping tool
Weight 0.2KG
Feature Handle
Usage Type of connectors on to rubbon cable
Application Crimping, for Crimping Uy Ro Ur or Ug Connector
Material Alloy Steel
Size 10.6
Model Wc-slst
Product No. Wc-23301