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Washover Safety Joint

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Washover Safety Joint

The Wellcare Washover Safety Joint is manufactured to provide safe and easy release and makeup whenever disengagement from the washover string becomes necessary. This dependable, field tough tool is designed to transmit torque in either direction when placed in the washover string.

Construction : The Wellcare Washover Safety Joint consists of a pin section, a box section, and a friction ring. The internal connection of the safety joint is a coarse acme thread used to facilitate easy packoff and reengagement. A knurled release ring between the box and pin sections maintain torsion integrity until back off procedure is initiated. An Oring seal contains pressure while the safety joint is made up.

Assembly :

To assemble, install the safety joint in the drill string and make up

  • the service connection to a torque of approximately 60 to 75% of the string connections. In washover strings, the safety joint should be located between the drill pipe and the washover pipe. Wellcare Washover Safety Joints are provided with a tool joint box thread up and a washover pipe pin thread down.
  • To disengage the safety joint while down hole, place pipe in tension and apply left hand torque. Hold torque while slowly lowering pipe until safety joint breaks. Continue to unscrew safety joint to the left. To reengage the safety joint, lower pipe until pin section of safety joint lands on box section. Apply one point of weight. Rotate to the left one or two turns. Then rotate to the right until torque builds up, indicating safety joint is made up.


Model Wc-wsj
Product No. Wc-20707
Warranty 1 year
Condition New
Usage Industrial
Material Stainless Steel